About WNRM

IIm Laura Palmer, WNRM is me, I started my career in radio at 18 in Miami, programing music started much earlier when I was 10 years old, my mom's boyfriend owned several topless bars in Los Angeles, his first language was Greek & he didn't know American music, he'd noticed me listening to the countdown shows and such so he put me in charge of deciding what songs would be in all his jukeboxes, every few weeks a big guy in a suit would join me at the bar where i'd be having my after school snack of beer nuts & maraschino cherries and we'd flip big books of music choosing what should stay and what should go, the final decision was always mine. There's more to this story but I'll have to leave it there.

WNRM The Root
PO Box 55687
St.Pete FL 33732

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