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Broadcasting live 24/7 only the best rock, indie, funk & punk! Supporting indie bands from all over the globe, music cities in the US like Austin, Los Angeles, Detroit, Nashville, Philly and Seattle. To far away places, (from us) many of our core bands are from England and beyond. You will hear the best new blues and classic blues as well as deep alternative and rock classics! WNRM reports spins, which means what we play and how much matters!  The next great super groups will be heard here. Because we love doing are part in making new rock stars and to give you a chance to hear them here first. 

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The Fun Facts

WNRM The Root Independent Rock Radio broadcasts live from sunny, beautiful Old Northeast St. Pete Florida with weekly contributors from Austin, Los Angeles, Seattle, Miami & Tampa. Our station has been up and live over 10 years, making friends with music lovers, producers, promoters, venues and most importantly, the music makers along the way.

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Stop in and check out our tee shirt shop. New products are in all the time, many of the items are under $20. Take a look at the new coffee mugs and tote bags and you can get your own Limited Edition Boob Shirt. Everyone's is talking about and they are going so fast. You will also find there our classic logo shirts in men's woman's and child sizes. Soon we will also host work from local artist.

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Because we can. That is why we say no to consultants and charts do not tell us what to play. It is important to us to be able to curate massive amounts of rock and roll to get you only the best of new rock, indie, funk and punk. Paying close attention to all of the great new blues we can find. Also focusing on the many women who rock because they have been overlooked and under played from the start of time. The air staff here at WNRM has spent many years with catalogs of music at our fingertips which has left us all with potentially useless information unless we share are fun music facts and song knowledge with you. Please join us and tell your friends about The Root


At WNRM we are not a corporate run, soulless entity, only in it for the money. The staff at WNRM is all long time major market radio programers and broadcasters who love the music and to pay our respects to so many of the really great musicians who have been pushed aside for a "top ten" type of sound. Keep us on so you can hear all of the super great music that you may have missed listening to mainstream radio.  So much awarding wining and Grammy nominated music that you may have missed with the suits in charge of of your music, give us a chance, we know where the bodies are buried. Tell everyone that you are listening about WNRM The Root Of What Rocks.

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Here at WNRM we think outside the box and we have done the math and worked the numbers to create many different options and packages for advertising and sponsorships. We also have many opportunity's for you to get involved in station events and promotions, let's figure it out, do it different, do it new, it is up to you. Let have some fun!

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